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Farsi After School Program - What you need to know
December 18, 2023

From the early days of the Farsi dar BC campaign, we faced a significant challenge: Most of the demand for learning Farsi was in Elementary Schools. At the same time, the education system preferred Second Language Courses to be offered in High Schools.


On the other hand, the current framework for foreign language curriculums in British Columbia includes classes from Grades 5 to 12.


Following the approval of Farsi as a second language option in BC schools and its addition to the Province's Educational Program Guide, the first Farsi class was offered to students in West Vancouver Secondary School in 2023. We are looking forward to seeing more Schools offering Farsi for the 2024-2025 School year.


However, the demand from parents to bring Farsi to Elementary schools was still there. And finally, during Nowruz, some families suggested an extracurricular class in schools for students.


Farsi dar BC always emphasized that we do not want to offer or establish any class out of BC public schools. All our efforts and resources are focused on bringing Farsi as a regular course, like any other, to BC schools for the benefit of all students.


On the other hand, local educational officials directly or indirectly conveyed the message that only with the full support of our community and proving the demand we can bring Farsi to more Schools.


Therefore, following extensive conversations with families, Experts in Farsi education, and certified BC Teachers, we have concluded that Farsi dar BC must start a pilot project to offer Farsi as an after-school program in select schools.


What makes this program unique:

  • Classes are offered as official after-school programs, with permission from each school.

  • Classes take place on school premises and after the end of school hours, and there is no need for students to leave school.

  • This program offers Farsi Education in accordance with the Official Curriculum of Farsi 5-12, designed by Farsi dar BC and approved by British Columbia's Ministry of Education.


Our goals:

  • Facilitation of Farsi Education in Elementary Schools

  • Preparation of teachers who want to teach Farsi in Schools

  • motivating students to continue learning Farsi in Secondary School


So far, our efforts have resulted in courses being offered in three Elementary Schools:

  • Cleveland Elementary School - North Vancouver (12 sessions: April - June 2024)

  • Canyon Heights Elementary School - North Vancouver (10 sessions: April - June 2024)

  • Braemar Elementary School - North Vancouver (TBD)

  • West Vancouver Elementary Students (Special class - 10 sessions: April - June 2024)


The sessions occur once a week and are 2 hours in length. 



  • Our fees are generally between $30 - $35 per session. However, we have monthly payment plans and other accomodations for those who need support


The tuition fee covers expenses such as salary for teachers, rent, insurance, equipment, and advertisement.


Farsi dar BC's first and foremost priority in this program is to offer a quality program. Therefore, we must have the financial ability to provide the best services. Furthermore, we do not want economic challenges to prevent any student from attending these classes. If you need to make other payment arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or call 778-929-7014.



This program is a collaboration between experts in Farsi education and children's education, with the supervision of certified BC Teachers. Each class is staffed with two teachers, who run the course as a team.


Additionally, we have the academic support of local and international post-secondary institutions throughout the term.


Other Schools:

Following the announcement, we have received several messag.    es from parents regarding other schools. Our efforts are not limited to these schools, and we hope to offer this course in more schools very soon.


How can you help?

Families play a vital role in the establishment of these sessions. Parents can ask for this program to start in their children's school and help us spread the word.


If you want to help us expand this program, please contact us by email at or by phone at 778-929-7014. 

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