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Introducing Farsi After School Program: An opportunity for Elementary Students to learn Farsi in their schools

Farsi dar BC - فارسی در بی‌سی

Dec 19, 2023

Learning Farsi in select North Shore Elementary Schools using the Farsi curriculum of the BC Ministry of Education

Farsi dar BC is excited to announce the beginning of our unique Farsi After School Program for Elementary Students in the upcoming term from January to June 2024! Designed in line with the BC Ministry of Education's official Farsi curriculum, our program is more than just a language course. This course is the first step to learn Speaking, Reading, and Writing in Farsi in an engaging and fun environment. What Makes this program unique: No Need to Leave the School: Classes run once a week from 3 to 5 pm AT SCHOOL, with a break, perfect for busy families. There is no need for students to leave the school to attend the classes. BC's Official Curriculum: Last year Farsi was added to British Columbia's Educational Program guide, which makes it available to all schools in BC, like many other languages. We use the same curriculum and standards for teaching. Interactive Learning: Dive into a world of music, dance, arts, and science to make learning Farsi a delightful experience. Expert-Led Classes: Each class is guided by two dedicated teachers, supported by a team of specialists in Youth Education, Farsi Language, and certified BC educators. We're also proud to have the backing from local academic institutions. Locations for January-June 2024 Term: Cleveland Elementary (January - March 2024. Second term TBD) Cedardale Elementary (Open to Grades 4-7) Westcot Elementary Registration & Support: Easy Registration: You can register online for the sessions at Cleveland, Cedardale, and Westcot Elementary Schools. Financial Assistance: We understand the importance of inclusive education and offer special arrangements for those facing financial challenges. Contact us for more information. Get Involved: Your participation and support can help us expand this enriching program to more schools. Let's work together to make Farsi a vibrant part of our children's education! Our Mission: As a grassroots campaign, Farsi dar BC aims to integrate Farsi as a second language option in BC schools. Our efforts have already seen Farsi included in the BC Educational Program guide and introduced in schools like West Vancouver Secondary School, with more to come! Frequently Asked Questions: Please review the this page (in Farsi) to find more information. Contact Us: For more details or to discuss the program, reach out to: Amir Bajehkian (او/he/him) - امیر باجه‌کیان President, Farsi dar BC 📞 (778) 929-7014 📧

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